Lewis Smith EP Launch at The Joiners, 25/06/16


"I've been involved at The Joiners for nearly 20 years. In that time I've seen thousands of acts come through the door and never written a word about them, until now.

Lewis asked me if he could have his EP launch about 6 months ago and I was a little worried this young man wouldn't be able to pull off a Saturday night at The Joiners. I had no need to worry.

Since booking the show Lewis and his team have worked there socks off to make the show a success. Well, at the weekend he pulled it off. An incredible show, an incredible crowd and a sell out. Yes Lewis, you sold as many tickets as Ed Sheeran did :-)

You and your family and your crowd are welcome back here anytime, you're a star in the making and an absolute pleasure"   - Pat Joiners Muldowney.


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